About Us

About Us

We are a biotech marketing firm that concentrates on data driven results, and narratives that make it easy for the layperson to understand. We realize that only 10 professionals in the whole world can fully understand your technology, and making that information palatable and easy to understand is a must. Through videos, animations and technical writing that makes content easy to understand, we build media platforms, websites and software solutions that transcend the ordinary, into result getting machines.


Urban Echo LLC offers strategic counselling and effective messaging to get your brand identity across.


Urban Echo design strategies will optimize user experience and make your message speak to people on a whole new level.

Social Media

Social Media has never been more important. Utilizing a media schedule will build relationships with the end users of your technology.


Analytics can help you see bigger picture. We can create market analysis and end user data that helps you tweak your marketing campaign to perfection.

How we got Started

We started off as a general service agency, but quickly became fluent in the biomedical space. Our passion resides in helping medical researchers, physicians and pharma move humanity to the next level of personalized healthcare and well being. We are dot connectors who are passionate about what we do!

Our Perfect Customer

Our perfect customer lives in the biotech, medical, pharma and research lab space. We specialize in narratives that target the audience we have identified through regional data analysis. Our marketing efforts focus on payers, providers, regional medical landscape for a specific area, as the ecosystem of any medical practice is based on the these factors. Specific targeting is crucial in this day and age, and we focus on results that are specific and measurable.

We create together, measure always, and revise often, ensuring your customers stay at the focus.


Karen Masterson

CEO & Founder


Adi Goodrich

Marketing Lead


Kelly Arimatsu



Jeff Sandusky

Analytics Lead