Getting Investors, Partners and Patients


Getting investors for your biotech firm can be a challenge. Most investors know that it can take a decade or more to prove a concept, and even then, the outcomes can be uncertain. There is enough proof out there however, and enough science being done that suggests we are turning a corner. And that’s a good thing. Public perceptions are changing rapidly, and the tides are turning on what used to be a tough sell to investors. Many doctors and wealthy patrons who have been afflicted with some of the health conditions being researched, will invest in the technology. People with a vested interest in the outcomes are easier to pitch. Biotechnologies that are far enough along in their development, will be considered now. When investors can imagine what a world with the solution will look like, and a return on their investment can be realized, only then will they be on board. Here are some tips on how to find and approach the right investor.


Acquiring patients in your practice can be a daunting task. Having the proper data to do so is critical. We do a detailed data analysis of your market, including insurance companies who serve your area a.k.a. “the payers”, competition in your specialty, and demographics on the patients that have the conditions you treat, including regional information. This information can then be turned into an effective digital marketing plan to get maximum results. All of your content and collateral will reflect the data that was gathered in the market analysis. Based on this “big picture” view, we can come up with avenues that will capture market share and maximize your efforts.


Choosing business partners and affiliates can make or break your business. The dynamic of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are changing. With the biotech revolution looming, large pharmaceutical companies are re-evaluating how they handle research and development. No longer do large companies rely on their own in-house R&D, but look to small companies to acquire new technologies. For tiny biotech firms, forming partnerships is everything. Knowing how to attract strategic partners that can help move you to the next level is a must.

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