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How do you begin to market your medical practice online to get more patients to come to you? Sure word of mouth is fine, and it is a traditional way of getting new patients, but in the age of digital collateral, how do you compete? Building a relationship with your current and potential patients is a must. With a good plan and a consistent media presence you can start the relationship building process before you even meet the patient. With a solid marketing plan, excellent media, including videos, animation podcasts and blogs, your patients can get to know you and love you well before you actually meet. Below are 5 ways to get your medical practice off to an engaging start.


What sets you apart from the rest?

Many of the same services you offer are offered by others. What sets you apart is the lifestyle you sell, the lifestyle your patients desire. Focusing on the end benefit or lifestyle you offer, can help sell the patient on you versus your competition. A heart patient who sees himself being able to run a marathon again, and infertile couple seeing themselves with that beautiful baby in their arms after years of trying, are all scenes that play in your prospects minds. These are the narratives that sell you and your services. These stories sell you. What the patient gets out of coming to see you is what makes you special to them. Emphasize the benefits.

Setting up and using Google Analytics

Want to know who is coming to your website and how they got there? Do you want to check your bounce rate? Do you even know what a bounce rate is? ( hint: it’s the rate at which people take one look at your site and leave, you want to keep this number low) .
Using this technology for your medical practice website you can get some good old fashioned metrics to help you improve your marketing, set goals and get more patients to come to you. Also adding your goals to your Google AdWords account allows you to see what it costs to acquire a new patient while tracking results at the same time.

Updated encrypted patient forms on your website

Fillable forms are all the rage, and it’s not just the novelty of it. This can have a real efficiency effect on how you obtain and store data for your patients. The user-friendly aspect of this practice will leave your patients feeling happy and content knowing that this process was so easy. has it right with their patented “one-click-to-order” feature. Customers love things that make their life easier. Your patients and staff will love the automation too!

Photos are important too!

Putting pictures of your staff and of your office on your website can set a patient’s mind at ease. Large pictures are comforting. Going to a new doctor can be anxiety-inducing, and seeing what they are headed for can relieve some of the anxiousness. Also including a map link on your site so patients can easily find you, will help them when time is a factor. Having a patient be late for an appointment stresses both you and them.

Use video and animations to introduce yourself to your patients.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.
Having a good bedside manner is important, and a good relationship with your patients is a must. People do business with people they know and like, and their physician is no exception. Have your patients get to know you through your media, such as videos, blogs and articles you write, will give you a leg up on your competition. Educating your patients on various procedures and services you perform will allow them to feel engaged in the process of taking charge of and participating in their own healthcare. The more in control they feel they have, the more satisfied they will be.